Network Protocol Bindings in Windows 10

Recently I came across a situation where a client complained of a very slow internet connection on a Microsoft Windows 10 device, ever since the asset had a second NIC card installed, which was required to cater a custom in-house application. Disabling one of the other NIC would fix the issue temporarily until both NICs were enabled again.

I naturally jumped to change the “Network Protocol binding” for the NIC cards as we previously did in Windows 7 environment, however, it turned out that the Windows 10 does NOT have the same “Bindings and Adapters” option available.

Firstly, to verify my initial doubt, i made sure that its the network interface priority that’s causing the slowness, by running the netstat -rn command:



Since the “Bindings and Adapters” option is not available in Windows 10, I decided to leverage Powershell to fix the issue. First launch PowerShell and run the cmdlet Get-NetIPInterface, which will display additional interface details:


Network adapters with the lower value of the Interface Metric will always get the priority over the adapters with the higher values.

In our case you could see the “Domain” interface has an interfaceMetric value of 25, and the “Internet” interface has an interfaceMetric value of 35. To fix the issue, the following command was executed which changed the interfaceMetric for the Domain interface.

Set-NetIPInterface -InterfaceIndex 16 -InterfaceMetric 45


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