Connect to Azure AD – Unable to retrieve MSOnline.Format.ps1xml file


While running the Azure AD Connect locally I was faced with this authorization Manager failure message.

“Unable to retrieve the Azure Active Directory configuration. Errors occurred while reading the format data file: Microsoft.PowerShell, , C:\Program Files\Microsoft Active Directory Connect\AADPowerShell\MSOnline.Format.ps1xml: The file was skipped because of the following validation exception: AuthorizationManager check failed”


This issue is usually caused due to the local certificate and can be resolved by following the steps below:

  • Browse to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect\AADPowerShell\MSOnline.Format.ps1xml”
  • Right click the file “MSOnline.Format.ps1xml”, select the Properties
  • Go to ‘Digital Signatures’ tab and select the details button for the Digital Signature Details
  • Click View certificate
  • Click Install certificate for local machine
  • Manually choose to store certificates at ‘Trusted publishers’
  • Click Ok to close the certificate wizard.

Once done, simply go back to the Azure AD Connect, re-enter the credentials and you should be good to proceed without an issue.


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