The user account running the Configuration Manager console has insufficient permissions to read information from the Configuration Manager site database. The account must belong to a security role in Configuration Manager. The account must also have the Windows Server Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) Remote Activation permission for the computer running the Configuration Manager site server and the SMS Provider.


Reason for the Error:

This error occurs for any user who tries to connect through SCCM console to an SCCM site server, with out having appropriate security permissions assigned.


  • User needs to be added to the “Administrative Users” in SCCM. Locate to Administration > Security > Administrative Users, and Add a User/ Group.


  • Select a User / Group, and you also need to assign one of the built security roles (Or a custom security role can also be created and assigned).


Built-in Security Roles:


Select/ assign the appropriate built-in security role. For more granular control, custom security roles can also be created and assigned. Once completed, close the wizard, and the user should be able to access the SCCM site server from his/ her management PC.