Retrieve SCCM Security Scope details using PowerShell

This short post is just to share an easy way to retrieve details related to Security Scopes in SCCM, using the Power shell and the WMI. The majority of the security scope details could simply be retrieved by running the following cmdlet:


The Following Power shell script could be used to list additional details related to SCCM Security Scope(s). Please ensure to replace the values for $smsserver and $siteCode with the netbios of your SCCM site server and the 3 characters site code.

$smsServer = “netbiosONLY” #Enter the Netbios of the SCCM site server
$siteCode = “xxx” #Enter the three characters SCCM site code
Get-WmiObject -computername $smsServer -Namespace “root\sms\site_$siteCode” -Class SMS_SecuredCategory




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