Below is the query i had to put together to retrieve the last reboot times for the list of SCCM clients. To use the query, please ensure to change the list of computer names.

/* ————————-
This query verifies the Last reboot time for the list of assets.
Ensure to change the list of Client/Server Computer Names below.
Created by Talha Qamar.
—————————- */

a.Netbios_name0 as ‘Computer Name’,
a.Creation_date0 as ‘Object Created On’,
a.ad_site_name0 as ‘AD Site’,
b.sms_installed_sites0 as ‘Site Code’,
c.Lasthwscan as ‘Last HW Scan’,
e.LastBootUpTime0 as ‘Last Boot Up Time’,DATEDIFF(dd, LastBootUpTime0, GETDATE())AS ‘Number of Days since last bootup’
from v_r_system a
left join v_RA_System_SMSInstalledSites b on a.resourceid=b.resourceid
left join v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS c on a.resourceid=c.resourceid
Left join v_AgentDiscoveries d on d.resourceid=a.resourceid
left join v_gs_operating_system e on e.resourceid=a.resourceid
where d.AgentName=’Heartbeat Discovery’ and (a.client0=1 and a.Obsolete0=0 and a.Active0=1)
and a.Name0 IN (SELECT Name0
FROM v_r_system
WHERE a.Name0 IN
(‘ComputerName1’, –Change the Computer Name
‘ComputerName2’, –Change the Computer Name
‘ComputerName3’, –Change the Computer Name
‘ComputerName4’, –Change the Computer Name
‘ComputerName5’, –Change the Computer Name
‘ComputerName6’) –Change the Computer Name
order by e.LastBootUpTime0 asc