Add an ESXi Host to vCenter Server

In this short post, we are going to add an ESXi host to our existing vCenter server, using the vSphere web client.

Prior to following the steps below, ensure the new host has been installed with ESXi, and configured with the management network settings, including the proper IP / DNS addresses. Also, ensure to manually add the A Host record in DNS for the new ESXi host.

  1. Log in to your vCenter server either through either the vSphere web client or the legacy client. In our case we are using the web client.
  2. Click on “Hosts and Clusters” from the Inventories on the home details screen.
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_1
  3. From the left object browser, browse to the data center (depending on your environment/infrastructure) to which the ESXi host is intended to be added. Once highlighted, select the Action menu as illustrated and click on “Add Host”
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_2
  4. The Add Host wizard pops up, requesting to tap in the host name or the IP address. (Ensure to have the A Host Record for the new host already added to the DNS in order to add the esxi host by host name)
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_3
  5. On the next screen, enter the username “root” and the credentials provided during the ESXi installation, and click “Next”. Once prompted for prompted for authenticity, click “Yes”
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_4
  6. Review the host summary on the next screen.
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_5
  7. The next screen is where you’d enter the licensing information. Since we’re using the evaluation license, we can just click “Next” to proceed.
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_6
  8. Leave the “Enable lockdown mode” un-checked, and click “Next”
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_7
  9. Our new ESXi host does not have any prior VMs to be discovered, click “Next” to continue.
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_8
  10. Verify details and click on “Finish” to complete.
    • Add_an_ESXi_host_9

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